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Are you a woman over 30 who has been thinking about doing a side gig or online business, but just don’t know where to start?

Are you a professional, a single mom, a stay at home mom?

Hi, my name is Rebekah Shipp and I was just where you are now! I had a dream to one day own my own business! I started out as a young teen, single mom stuck in the corporate world as a design engineer, desperately trying to find a way out and over the past decade I’ve done every side hustle you can think of!

• Personal trainer
• Multi-level marketing
• Insurance sales
• Sold wine
• Sold vitamins
• Sold baked goods door to door!

So I got really good at my side hustle game! I’m a life coach and business strategist and I’ve worked with some of the best marketing, sales, and life coaches on the planet! And now I travel the world and teach women how to start their own online business!

Most people get stuck in the execution process…they just don’t know how to implement their amazing ideas. And that’s where I come in! To help organize and streamline the process.

** I help you strategize a plan (putting your ideas into simple action steps)
** Create a marketing and sales campaign (social media marketing, webinars, marketing media, offer stacks, hook/story/close, and copywriting)
** Help design and execute on all things techie (domains, websites, payment integrations, email lists, funnels, landing pages, online course setup)

My primary goals as your coach are two things:
1. Get your online business up and running quickly and effectively
2. Help you obtain your very first paid client/customer

What does this all mean for you?

This means that when you have an expert coach in your corner, you’re gonna be able to go further FASTER with: Less stress and Less overwhelm! You’re gonna get the support you need. And I’m here to ensure you remain focused so you can cross the finish line! You’re gonna gain so much confidence and courage as you move forward on your dream! 

There are many great coaches in the world doing great things, however there are a few things that make me different…

1. I’m a supersonic business maker! I have a gift and talent for taking just about any idea you can come up with and create a business around it and do it super fast!  

2. My coaching style is real. I don’t sugar coat things. I’m gonna give it to you straight. Ill be kind, but ill be honest.

So for those of you out there who are ready, and I mean REALLY ready…you’re gonna commit and run with it all the way…and finally execute on your dreams, then this is your time and this is your chance to make it happen!

Don’t let another year go by…don’t let another DAY go by! Take this opportunity to begin building your empire and legacy! To share your voice, your message, your story and your mission! To move forward in your life with purpose and passion!

The time and money your invest in yourself now will have a HUGE ROI later! All your hard work and focus will pay off 100 fold!

SO, THE BIG QUESTION… What does YOUR future look like? Is it filled with freedom, love and peace? Close your eyes and really think about this. Who are you surrounded by? Where are you traveling to? What car are you driving? What does your house look like? What kinds of cool classes are your kids taking?

See, when working with me, we don’t just be build a freedom business around something you love, we are designing a lifestyle! This right here is what truly separates me from other coaches. We don’t just focus on the money and business side, we focus on what truly matters.

WHY do you want to build a business? If you can answer me that, THEN we can start creating magic!

And for the moms out there who have kids and are worried you can’t make this happen, I’m here to tell you that you CAN!

Check out Alcine. She is a mom of a beautiful 3 year old boy. she works at her local gym as a personal trainer and also owns her own coaching business. We worked together on a project that helped her to create new and exciting programs so she could expand her customer base and online presence. Not only did she rapid success with her business, but she also began to see amazing changes and growth in herself! Her confidence began to grow and she started crushing it! She is now on her way to designing more customized health and fitness programs for her clients and even developing her own supplement line! All while being a great mom!

So if she can do it, you can too! Check out her testimony video below!

If your looking for more time and freedom, more money, or maybe you just want to finally see your dream realized, book your free consultation call with me today! I would love to hear all about your dreams and goals!

And for the month of JUNE, I have 8 slots left so get in while you can! Once those slots are gone, you will have to wait till JULY!

Create your freedom business today!

From one mom to another, one woman to another, one sister to another, I KNOW you can do this!



Go Further, FASTER!

REBEKAH SHIPP is an author, speaker, world-traveler, expert designer and entrepreneur and brings with her over 22 years experience in the design and engineering world and over a decade of coaching expertise.

As a former, struggling, single mom, she knew early on she wanted to OWN her life and give the best to her daughter! So she sought out the best training and coaches on the planet in personal development, mindset mastery, business and entrepreneurship, health and fitness!

She has completed training and coaching programs under Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, Robert Kiyosaki, Lewis Howes, Dave Ramsey, Bob Proctor, Dave Asprey, David Goggins, Rich Litvin, Grant Cardone, Lisa Nichols, Chalene Johnson, and many more!

Now she lives her passion by helping and encouraging other women and moms who have a desire to create an amazing life and legacy!

She pours her heart and soul into each client and each project! She helps each person identify their magic, pulls out their greatness, and helps guide each person into SUCCESS and RESULTS!

So if you're ready for a BREAKTHROUGH, if you're ready to find clarity in your PURPOSE and start living the life you truly want, then sign up TODAY! Your family AND your bank account will thank you later!
Don't Go It Alone!
  • You're not alone! The struggling stops here! Get clarity in what you want and WHY you want it!
  • Design your perfect lifestyle! Let's get you dreaming again! What do you REALLY want?
  • Say NO to the lies of the outside world and say YES to your NEW Fantastic Future! Let's set a schedule that allows you to maximize your time and OPTIMIZE your results!
  • ​Mind Map! Create ideas or take your current ideas and begin to formulate a winning plan!
  • ​Identify your ideal client. Who do you want to serve?
  • ​Create an irresistible offer! Break out the Services or products you want to offer. Pricing, timelines, revenue goals, client acquisition.
  • ​Strategize! What does your new business and lifestyle look like? Let's begin to design your life and your business in great detail!
  • ​Go the Distance! Commit to seeing it through! The more committed you are, the faster your dreams are manifested! Let's do this!
Invest In Yourself And In Your Future!
Why do this now? Because you're READY! 
I know what it's like to want something MORE! You're stuck behind a desk, your light and passion are withering away, you've stopped dreaming and feel there is no hope...this is it, this is how life must continue...

NOOOO! There is something inside you...a small whisper, that is saying something different! That you CAN get out of the trap of the corporate world! That you CAN make your ideas and dreams into a reality!

Imagine waking up 3 months from now or 3 years from now...
either you have gone down a different, EXCITING, NEW path, OR you're STILL's time to make a choice!

Listen to that small, whisper of a voice! Lean in to it! BELIEVE in yourself! 
You CAN do this!
Rebekah Shipp
I am here to help you every step of the way! Let's start creating an online business built around what you love, so you can make a BIG impact in the world and start living your dreams!
  • WEEK 1: MIND MAP MASTERY: How to turn your ideas into a winning strategy!
  • WEEK 2: MINDSET MASTERY: How to overcome fear, doubt, and uncertainty.
  • ​WEEK 3: VISION MASTERY: How to create and manifest the lifestyle you desire!
  • WEEK 4: AVATAR MASTERY: How to attract your ideal client!
  • WEEK 5: CONTENT MASTERY: How to create content and give lots of value; OVER deliver!
  • WEEK 6: DIGITAL SERVICES MASTERY: How to create your OWN online course, website, or webinar!
  • ​WEEK 7: MARKETING MASTERY: How to get high paying clients to reach your financial goals! Hook, story, offer!
  • WEEK 8: SELLING MASTERY: How to overcome objections, learn to love selling, & learn the art of persuasion!
It's time...
To Create An Empire and Design The Life You Truly Desire!
Get The Business Startup Package and get access to 4 weeks of customized business coaching, online tools and resources and superior marketing expertise! Everything you need to see your dream realized! Get ready to TRANSFORM your life!
Exactly What You Get...
4 Week Business Startup Package
This 4-week customized coaching program was made especially for those people out there who have BIG DREAMS and BIG IDEAS, but keep getting stuck in the EXECUTION of it all! 

You get EVERYTHING you need to build your online business, attract your ideal customer, and start making money online!
Digital Design Services
Let's get TECHNICAL! 

Don't get lost in all the details! I will help you design a beautiful website, funnel, landing page, webinar, or course! 

We will ensure all domains, payment integrations, and email lists are good to go!
Marketing, Sales, and Social Media
Get the 411 on the latest marketing strategies and techniques that will ensure you attract your ideal clients, get the right message in front of the right people, AND expand your business effectively!

We cover social media marketing, hook/story/offer creation, video and content creation, logos, E-covers, finding your top 100 fans, branding across all social media platforms, and how to sell successfully!
Bonus #1
Launch Your Podcast!
Find your voice and share your message and mission with the world!

I will help design, produce, edit and publish your first podcast show for all the world to hear!
Bonus #2
Launch Your Online Course In Less Than 30 Days!
Learn how to launch your digital online course and sell high ticket training programs!
This Is YOUR Time! Don't miss the chance to Transform your Life!
limited time offer!
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
This helps people who are just on the edge of purchasing, to take the leap of faith since you put the risk back on you!
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The Business Startup Package!
  •  4 Week Customized Business Startup Package ($2,000 Value)
  •  Digital Design Services ($1,000 Value)
  •  Marketing, Sales, Social Media Branding ($1,000 Value)
  •  Launch Your Podcast - Publishing & Design Services ($497 Value)
  • Launch Your Online Course E-Guide ($10 Value)
Total Value: $4,507
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $1800

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